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“It is our ultimate achievement to entertain, foster creativity, and instill a moral lesson to all readers young and old.  With the need for apocalyptic literature and an ever-growing zombie industry, Jack’s adventure will satisfy the cravings without losing too many limbs.”


Jack is an adventurous five year-old.  He enjoys building with blocks and drawing colorful pictures. He not only terrorizes his house pretending to be a zombie, he practices biter techniques on his brothers Noah and Joel.  When he is not talking in a British accent, he’s humming his favorite 1980’s ballads while playing video games.


Chris Hernandez, best known as Mr. Chris, likes playing zombies and werewolves with his kindergarten friends. He enjoys being dog piled on the kindergarten playground (Don’t tell Ms. Liz!) He likes to draw, paint and skateboard.  His favorite foods are chicken and waffles doused with hot sauce.


Amy Hernandez, best known as Mrs. H, enjoys singing on the car ride to school, random 80’s dancing, telling awkward jokes, and bacon.  Her favorite subject is writing. She would like to star in musicals when she grows up.  When at home she loves to cook tasty treats that attract the living and the undead.    

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