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Take an imaginative ride through the mind of a young child who dreams of becoming a zombie.

A year ago, my husband Chris Hernandez, emailed me a concept for a story of our little boy Jack and his love for zombies. Being a schoolteacher, Chris hoped that I would put a twist on the story that would contribute to the many goals of this project; we want this story to entertain, foster creativity, and instill a moral lesson to readers.


A year later the first story of our collection is complete, "Jack and the Zombie Attack". It is a descriptive and poetic tongue twister that follows Jack's dream of becoming a zombie through a rumpus in his neighborhood. His dream becomes reality, but is eating human flesh what its cracked up to be? You'll have to read it to find out. The illustrations can only be described as fantastical, creative and brilliant in every way. The attention to detail and color will captivate the minds of children and adults alike.

Many have questioned, “How can you teach morals to children through a story about Zombies?” Children have rich and creative imaginations, and the lessons taught today should represent this. Through descriptive vocabulary, imagery, and a twisted tale, Jack will follow his dream. In the end, home for Jack never seemed sweeter. Children always question their parent’s authority, and must come to their own realization when they make a mistake, and this is how they learn. In this story, Jack comes to know, and learns to respect his mother’s warning. For those who feel that zombies are a little grotesque for children, just remember the creative minds of your childhood. In his poem "The Loser", from Where the Sidewalk Ends, Shel Silverstein portrays a child actually losing his head (Silverstein, 1974).


“Mama said I'd lose my head 
if it wasn't fastened on. 
Today I guess it wasn't 
'cause while playing with my cousin 
it fell off and rolled away 
and now it's gone.”

Shel Silverstein, Maurice Sendak and Dr. Suess are all classic children's authors that never seemed to mind the rules, and children and adults love them the same.



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    November 14, 2016 11:10 pmPosted 7 months ago
    Ioan Big


    I discovered Jack at SDCC 2015. I’m a Romanian journalist writing a book about zombies. I wrote/involved during the past years several books about various Pop culture subjects but, probably, the most relevant activity is my weekly Obviously, it’s in Romanian, but with the ‘Google translate’ help you can have at least a hint about my type of approach. Note: at the bottom of the mentioned webpage, you can access also the last years archived chronicles.

    I am now in the process of finishing my zombie book which will appear at the begining of the next autumn in a Romanian limited edition (there is not a mass audience for the subject, coz we’re more used with the vampires) in two volumes: 1.) “Zombie (Pre)History in Pop Culture” (multiverse analysis & cinema pre-2000); 2.) “Zombie Resurgence in the 21st Century” (cinema 2000-2017).

    I am quite interested to write in my chapter dedicated to zombie books analysis (there will be different approaches regarding gaming, videogaming, merchandising, comics, music, aso) about “Jack & the Zombie Attck”. So, if you are interested in supporting me, my objectives for the book could be:

    * to insert a text presenting the story of the birth of Jack as character, associated with an interview (with you as the creator of the character would be ideal), detailing the option of making him facing the zombies;

    * to illustrate the text, I will need a few images… the selection will be up to you (cover art and/or excerpts from the story) – provided by you (obviously, all the credits will be mentioned as you indicate).

    The time is not an issue because I’ll close the text somewhere in February but you must tell me, according to your interest and personal time, what could be done and what is improbable.

    Looking forward hearing from you,

    Best regards,

    Ioan Big
    +40 721298269


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